Work Process

Thanks to a careful listening and cleared focused questions, your documentation will be realized by a professional of documentation, which be able to  explain the functioning of your machines as well as she worked into your company.

Your documentation is outsourced but you stay involved during all the document production process and you play a key role. by validating and commenting the content of your document.

To provide a quality documentation, Doc’Crea must work closely with all persons involved in the project to use the best of each one : the engineers which design the machine, the sale & marketing representatives because a quality documentation is a sales aid and the customer service team, which will be the best interlocutor to realize a documentation, which allow to decrease the number of customer service requests.

Work Process to Doc’Créa : 6 steps

1 - Définition of needs

2 - Offer formalization

3 -Information collection

4 - Content creation

5 - Document validation

6 - Document delivery