Who is behind Doc'Créa ?

Nadine Bessot

General manager & technical wrtier

13 years of professional practice in technical writing and document management


My vision of technical writing

A technical writer is the interface between R&D, customer service department, marketing department and final user.

It prepares paper and/or computerized documents with only one objective in mind : answer clearly and simply to the final user’s needs.

The technical documentation must be seen as a matter for experts. Would you imagine a technical writer designing a machine?  … I don’t think so. Which brings me to ask you the next questions : Does an engineer necessary have the qualifications to write a technical document ? Is he trained to the ergonomics of technical documents ?

Doc’Créa au service de votre documentation

If you are a small company, you usually assign the documentation tasks to your project managers, engineers, designers, secretaries and so on because you don’t have sufficient documentation needs to hire a full-time technical writer. But for which main activity did you hire these people ? Do they have all the qualifications to write technical documents ? Do they like to write technical documents ? The hourly rate of these people is it in adequacy with the hourly rate you imagine for documentation tasks ?

By outsourcing the production of your technical documents, your staff will be able to focus on the main tasks for which they are trained and hired and you  will provide to your customers quality documents written by an expert in technical writing. In addition, the outsourcing of your technical documentation will allow you to gain control over documentation costs.

If you are a medium-sized company, you likely have a documentation department but how do you manage an unexpected documentation’s need in case of an occasional peak of activity ?

By outsourcing occasionally the production of a technical document to Doc’Créa, you will be able to smooth the documentation workload and provide the documentation to your customers within the stipulated delivery deadline.